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4 500 000€

Вилла Продажа 980кв.м.  


2 750 000€

кондоминиум Продажа 900кв.м.  


3 000 000€

кондоминиум Продажа 600кв.м.  

Вулягмени - Кавури

5 950 000€

Вилла Продажа 570кв.м.  

Вулягмени - Кавури

5 500 000€

Вилла Продажа 530кв.м.  


2 250 000€

Мезонет Продажа 310кв.м.  


6 000 000€

Мезонет Продажа 372кв.м.  

Психико - Палео Психико

2 950 000€

Мезонет Продажа 265кв.м.  


4 500 000€

Вилла Продажа 1000кв.м.  

Психико - Палео Психико

4 800 000€

Вилла Продажа 396кв.м.  

Недвижимость по площади

Центр Афин

Северные окраины

Южные и восточные пригороды

Мы предлагаем

3 000 000€


Земля Продажа  55000кв.м.


Земля Продажа  24000кв.м.

4 000 000€


Участок под строительство Продажа  2200кв.м.

Your Property, Our Priority.
In the sector of real estate there is always the human factor that is often overlooked...

Experience excellence.
The Interattica Real Estate team is committed to provide a high level of service combining intelligence, expertise and sensitivity to ensure that each customer chooses the property that best suits their needs.

Real Estate expertise.
Our years of experience in the real estate industry, as well as the management of complex demands, has built our company's reputation and has consistently ranked Interattica Real Estate among the leading real estate companies.

Selling Solutions.
Our strategy is to focus on the needs of our customers and to negotiate for the common benefit of - owners and buyers - creating long-lasting partnerships.

Service You Deserve. People You Trust.
We provide specialized services to Greek and foreign stakeholders as well as to entrepreneurs intending to invest in Greece. Main business activities are the North and South suburbs, the historical center of Athens and the commercial points as well as the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

Агентство недвижимости, северный пригород, Кифисья